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Serie d'ecriture is an annual of contemporary French writing
in English translation. Most issues are given to the work of a single author.

Edited by Rosmarie Waldrop

Jean Daive
A Lesson in Music

Paol Keineg

Marcel Cohen
The Peacock Emperor Moth

Jacqueline Risset
The Translation Begins

Alain Veinstein
Even a Child

Emmanuel Hocquard
A Test of Solitude: Sonnets

Norma Cole, editor
Crosscut Universe: Writing on Writing from France

Pascal Quignard
On Wooden Tablets: Apronenia Avitia

Esther Tellermann
Mental Ground

Caroline Dubois
You Are the Business

Isabelle Baladine Howald
Secret of Breath

Anne Portugal
absolute bob

David Lespiau
Four Cut-Ups, or, the Case of the Restored Volume

Gérard Macé
The Last of the Egyptians

Claude Royet-Journoud
Four Elemental Bodies

Frédéric Forte

Bénédicte Vilgrain
A Tibetan Grammar

Paol Keineg
Triste Tristan and Other Poems


Claude Royet-Journoud

Pascal Quignard

Marie Borel
Close Quote

Jean Grosjean
An Earth of Time

Suzanne Doppelt
Ring Rang Wrong

Anne Portugal
Quisite Moment