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Dichten= is an series of contemporary German writing in English translation. Most issues are given to the work of a single author.

Edited by Rosmarie Waldrop

"dichten = condensare"
—Ezra Pound


Frederike Mayröcker

Elke Erb
Mountains in Berlin

Ilma Rakusa

Oskar Pastior
Many Glove Compartments

Ludwig Harig
The Trip to Bordeaux

Gerhard Rühm
I My Feet

Gerhard Roth
The Will To Sickness

Ulf Stolterfoht
Lingos I-IX

Dichten = #10
16 New (to American Readers) Poets

Anja Utler
engulf -- enkindle

Monika Rinck
to refrain from embracing

Elfriede Czurda
Almost 1 Book / Almost 1 Life

Farhad Showghi
End of the City Map

Michael Donhauser
Of Things

Elke Erb
The Up and Down of Feet