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Brian Schorn

poems, 64 pages, offset, smyth-sewn
ISBN 0-930901-98-3, paper, $14
ISBN 0-930901-99-1, signed paperback, $20

An eye wanders off course because a visual stimulus has lept from the picture frame, insisting on the journey into words. In the hypersaturation of one eye focused on an image and the other on words, the distinctions between psychological and physical, interior and exterior, I and non-I dissolve. All these forms share the same space (which takes on a form of its own), throwing amorphous shadows onto the retina, like so many muscae volitantes in the eyeball's vitreous humor.

Brian Schorn was born in Alpena, ML in 1961, and currently lives in Ypsilanti. He holds Masters degrees in photography, creative writing, and graphic design. Strabismus is his first book.