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Alison Bundy, Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, eds.

One Score More: The Second 20 Years of Burning Deck, 1981-2001

Walter Abish

99: The New Meaning

Heather C. Ackerberg


Tom Ahern

The Capture of Trieste


Beth Anderson


Anthony Barnett

Poem About Music

A Forest Utilization Family

Brita Bergland

The Rebirth of the Older Child

Marie Borel

Close Quote

Kristin P. Bradshaw


Alison Bundy

Dunce Cap

James Camp

Carnal Refreshment

James Camp, X.J. Kennedy, Keith Waldrop, eds.

Pegasus Descending: A Book of the Best Bad Verse

Erica Carpenter

Perspective Would Have Us

Laura Chester

Free Rein

Marcel Cohen

The Peacock Emperor Moth

Norma Cole, ed.

Crosscut Universe: Writing on Writing from France

Cyrus Console

Brief Under Water

Robert Coover

The Grand Hotels (of Joseph Cornell)

Elfriede Czurda

Almost 1 Book / Almost 1 Life

Jean Daive

A Lesson in Music

Tina Darragh

Striking Resemblance

Michael Davidson

The Landing of Rochambeau

Michael Donhauser

Of Things

Suzanne Doppelt

Ring Rang Wrong

Caroline Dubois

You Are the Business

Barbara Einzig

Life Moves Outside

Elke Erb

Mountains in Berlin

The Up and Down of Feet

Patrick Fetherston

The World was a Bubble

Frédéric Forte


Susan Gevirtz

Hourglass Transcripts

Michael Gizzi

New Depths of Deadpan

Peter Gizzi

Artificial Heart

Milli Graffi

Embargoed Voice

Jean Grosjean

An Earth of Time

Barbara Guest

The Countess from Minneapolis

Walter Hall

Miners Getting Off the Graveyard

Ludwig Harig

The Trip to Bordeaux

John Hawkes

Innocence in extremis

Emmanuel Hocquard

A Test of Solitude: Sonnets

Isabelle Baladine Howald

Secret of Breath

Catherine Imbriglio

Parts of the Mass

P. Inman

per se

Lisa Jarnot

Some Other Kind of Mission

Julie Kalendek

The Fundamental Difference

Our Fortunes

Janet Kauffman

Five on Fiction

Paol Keineg


Triste Tristan and Other Poems

Damon Krukowski

5000 Musical Terms

David Lespiau

Four Cut-Ups, or, the Case of the Restored Volume

Jessica Lowenthal

as if in turning

Gérard Macé

The Last of the Egyptians

Elizabeth Mackiernan

Ancestors Maybe

Tom Mandel


Jennifer Martenson



Harry Mathews

Out of Bounds

Friederike Mayröcker


Lissa McLaughlin

Troubled by his Complexion

Seeing the Multitudes Delayed


Christina Mengert

As We Are Sung

David Miller


Sawako Nakayasu

Hurry Home Honey

Claire Needell

Not A Balancing Act

Gale Nelson

ceteris paribus
stare decisis
This Is What Happens When Talk Ends

Sianne Ngai


Jena Osman

Twelve Parts of Her
Corporate Relations

Gil Ott

Within Range

Oskar Pastior

Many Glove Compartments

Anne Portugal

absolute bob
Quisite Moment

Pascal Quignard

On Wooden Tablets: Apronenia Avitia

Ray Ragosta

A Motive for Disappearance
Varieties of Religious Experience

Ilma Rakusa


Pam Rehm

The Garment In Which No One Had Slept

Sarah Riggs

Autobiography of Envelopes

Monika Rinck

to refrain from embracing

Jacqueline Risset

The Translation Begins

Elizabeth Robinson

Under That Silky Roof

Stephen Rodefer

Passing Duration

Gerhard Roth

The Will To Sickness

Claude Royet-Journoud

Four Elemental Bodies

Gerhard Rühm

I My Feet

Brian Schorn


Gail Sher

Broke Aid

Farhad Showghi

End of the City Map

Joseph Simas

Entire Days

W.D. Snodgrass

Six Minnesinger Songs

Heather J. Steliga

Water Runs to What Is Wet

Ulf Stolterfoht

Lingos I-IX

Cole Swensen


Mark Tardi

Airport music

Esther Tellermann

Mental Ground

Jane Unrue

The House
Life of a Star

Anja Utler

engulf -- enkindle

Alain Veinstein

Even A Child

Bénédicte Vilgrain

A Tibetan Grammar

Keith Waldrop

Analogies of Escape

Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

Ceci n'est pas Keith Ceci n'est pas Rosmarie
Flat With No Key

Rosmarie Waldrop, ed.

Dichten = #10: 16 New (to American Readers) Poets

Craig Watson

After Calculus


Secret Histories

Marjorie Welish

The Windows Flew Open

Dallas Wiebe

Skyblue's Essay

Going to the Mountain

The Vox Populi Street Stories

Elizabeth Willis


Xue Di

Heart Into Soil